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Logo Heart Attack Fried Chicken

Heart Attack Fried Chicken


Logo Abu Mazen al sory

Abu Mazen al sory

Sandwiches , Grilled , Non Egyptian food

Logo Abo Anas El Soury

Abo Anas El Soury

Sandwiches , Pizza , Non Egyptian food

Logo Asmak Wadi El Nil

Asmak Wadi El Nil

Sea Food

Logo Mori Sushi

Mori Sushi

Sea Food , Non Egyptian food , sushi

Logo Mossab


Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo La Poire

La Poire


Logo El Haty

El Haty

Sandwiches , Grilled , Desserts , Home made

Logo Tebesty


Pizza , Non Egyptian food

Logo Chilis


Sandwiches , Grilled , Non Egyptian food

Logo El-Shabrawy


Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo El Shabrawy Sheen

El Shabrawy Sheen

Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Sultan Ayub

Sultan Ayub

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Non Egyptian food

Logo Studio Masr

Studio Masr

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo My Queen

My Queen

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Tseppas



Logo Pizza Master

Pizza Master


Logo TBS-The Bakery Shop

TBS-The Bakery Shop

Bakery and Shops

Logo El Dahan Grill

El Dahan Grill


Logo El Tabei El Domyati

El Tabei El Domyati

Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo El Madina El Menawara

El Madina El Menawara

Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Peking


Grilled , Non Egyptian food

Logo Bon appetit

Bon appetit

Sandwiches , Grilled , Sea Food , Desserts , Bakery and Shops , Burger , Juice

Logo Mince Burger

Mince Burger

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Koshary Hend

Koshary Hend

Pizza , Koshari , Desserts , Fteer

Logo Dukes Patisserie

Dukes Patisserie


Logo Zack


Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Cortigiano


Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Sea Food , Non Egyptian food

Logo Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Sandwiches , Desserts , cafe

Logo Kansas Chicken

Kansas Chicken

Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Willys Kitchen

Willys Kitchen

Sandwiches , Fried chicken , Burger

Logo Zooba


Sandwiches , Koshari , Fool _ Ta3meya , Desserts

Logo Asmak Ibn Hamido

Asmak Ibn Hamido

Sea Food

Logo Smileys Grill

Smileys Grill


Logo Steak Out

Steak Out

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza

Logo Akher Saa

Akher Saa

Sandwiches , Grilled , Fool _ Ta3meya , Crepe , Burger , Shawerma

Logo Kabab Shaker

Kabab Shaker

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Hosny El Kababgy

Hosny El Kababgy

Grilled , Sea Food

Logo Papai


Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Hawawshi El Refaay

Hawawshi El Refaay