All Restaurants & Fast food delivery menus in madinaty

Restaurants madinaty

Logo Misr Sweets

Misr Sweets

Desserts , Bakery and Shops , cafe

Logo Akl Gedty

Akl Gedty


Logo Exception Pastry

Exception Pastry


Logo O Grill

O Grill

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Spicy Crepe

Spicy Crepe

Sandwiches , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Home made , Fried chicken , , Crepe , ,

Logo Sushi Bay

Sushi Bay

Sea Food

Logo Samakion


Sea Food

Logo Asmak wadi el nile

Asmak wadi el nile

Sea Food

Logo La Cuisine

La Cuisine

Non Egyptian food

Logo Del Vento Cafe & Restaurant

Del Vento Cafe & Restaurant

Desserts , Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo ٌRaydan Resturant

ٌRaydan Resturant

Grilled , Desserts , Non Egyptian food

Logo msmte lbrdyse

msmte lbrdyse

Sandwiches , Grilled , Desserts

Logo Simonds Bakery

Simonds Bakery

Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Fit Food

Fit Food


Logo Elkhalifa


Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Antika Cafe

Antika Cafe


Logo MAC



Logo Creation


Logo Taa Taa

Taa Taa

Sandwiches , Sea Food

Logo BBQ Mawlana

BBQ Mawlana


Logo Shawarma Street

Shawarma Street

Sandwiches , Bakery and Shops , Fried chicken ,

Logo El Dahan restaurants

El Dahan restaurants

Grilled , Desserts , Home made

Logo tebesti


Sandwiches , Pizza , Non Egyptian food

Logo Wa7 Wa7

Wa7 Wa7

Sandwiches , Sea Food , Juice

Logo Hunger Station

Hunger Station

Sandwiches , Fried chicken , , Juice

Logo مكة


Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , Home made

Logo Kababji Darwesh

Kababji Darwesh

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Shrimp zone

Shrimp zone

Sandwiches , Grilled , Sea Food

Logo koshary - El-Sheikh

koshary - El-Sheikh

Koshari , Desserts

Logo Sushi Circle

Sushi Circle

Non Egyptian food

Logo Sandwich El-Sheikh

Sandwich El-Sheikh

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Penny


Bakery and Shops

Logo Dragon chicken

Dragon chicken


Logo Food Secret

Food Secret

Grilled , Home made

Logo Papa Hnoud

Papa Hnoud

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza

Logo Pizza El Fayoumi

Pizza El Fayoumi

Sandwiches , Pizza , Desserts

Logo Afandina El Bahr

Afandina El Bahr

Sandwiches , Sea Food

Logo Akl Hawanem

Akl Hawanem

Sandwiches , Home made

Logo KosharyEl Malem

KosharyEl Malem

Sandwiches , Pizza , Koshari

Logo Ginger


Non Egyptian food , cafe