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Restaurants el-zaytoun

Logo El Dahan

El Dahan

Sandwiches , Grilled , Home made , Juice ,

Logo KFC



Logo Mcdonalds


Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya , Desserts , Fried chicken , ,

Logo Ebn El Sham

Ebn El Sham

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , Fried chicken , , , , Juice

Logo Chef Sarhan

Chef Sarhan


Logo City Crepe

City Crepe

Sandwiches , Pizza , Sea Food , Desserts , Fried chicken , Crepe , ,

Logo Heart Attack Fried Chicken

Heart Attack Fried Chicken

Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Etoile Patisserie

Etoile Patisserie


Logo El Dahan Grill

El Dahan Grill

Sandwiches , Grilled , Desserts , Home made , ,

Logo Dukes Egypt

Dukes Egypt

Grilled , Sea Food , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , cafe , Home made , Fried chicken , , Crepe , ,

Logo Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshari , Desserts ,

Logo Sale Sucre

Sale Sucre


Logo Broast El Deek

Broast El Deek

Sandwiches , Grilled , Non Egyptian food , Fried chicken , , ,

Logo Monginis


Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Al Aelat

Al Aelat

Sandwiches , Grilled , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Zacks Fried Chicken

Zacks Fried Chicken

Sandwiches , Pizza , Fried chicken ,

Logo Kebdet El Prince

Kebdet El Prince

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Metro Market

Metro Market

Bakery and Shops , Supermarket

Logo Hawawshi El Rabie Imbaba

Hawawshi El Rabie Imbaba


Logo Abd El Rahim Koueider

Abd El Rahim Koueider


Logo Garnell Sushi And Poke

Garnell Sushi And Poke

Non Egyptian food , sushi

Logo Haty Shikh Al-Balad

Haty Shikh Al-Balad

Sandwiches , Grilled , Home made

Logo Abu Auf

Abu Auf

Desserts , Bakery and Shops , Supermarket ,

Logo Pizza El Malik

Pizza El Malik

Pizza , Crepe

Logo New Tebisty

New Tebisty


Logo Donia El Gambary

Donia El Gambary

Sea Food

Logo EL Ghobashy

EL Ghobashy

Koshari , Desserts

Logo Chickana


Sandwiches , Fried chicken ,

Logo Akla Baity

Akla Baity

Grilled , Home made

Logo Misr Sweets

Misr Sweets

Desserts , Bakery and Shops , cafe

Logo Asmak wadi el nile

Asmak wadi el nile

Sea Food

Logo Koki Shop

Koki Shop

Bakery and Shops

Logo Spicy Crepe

Spicy Crepe

Sandwiches , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Home made , Fried chicken , , Crepe , ,

Logo Chicken Planet

Chicken Planet

Sandwiches , Fried chicken ,

Logo msmte lbrdyse

msmte lbrdyse

Sandwiches , Grilled , Desserts , Home made

Logo Etoile Cafe & Restaurant

Etoile Cafe & Restaurant

Pizza , cafe , Juice

Logo MAC


Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya , Fried chicken , ,

Logo ٌRaydan Resturant

ٌRaydan Resturant

Grilled , Desserts , Non Egyptian food

Logo BBQ Mawlana

BBQ Mawlana


Logo Pizza Hum

Pizza Hum