All Restaurants & Fast food delivery menus in El-7ay-El-3asher

Restaurants El-7ay-El-3asher

Logo El Dahan

El Dahan

Sandwiches , Grilled , Home made

Logo KFC



Logo Mcdonalds



Logo Ebn El Sham

Ebn El Sham

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , Fried chicken , , , , Juice

Logo Chef Sarhan

Chef Sarhan


Logo Tom and Basal

Tom and Basal

Pizza , Koshari

Logo City Crepe

City Crepe

Sandwiches , Pizza , Desserts , Fried chicken , Crepe , ,

Logo Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Heart Attack Fried Chicken

Heart Attack Fried Chicken

Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Koshary Hend

Koshary Hend

Sandwiches , Pizza , Koshari , Desserts ,

Logo Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek


Logo Pizza El Sultan

Pizza El Sultan

Sandwiches , Pizza , Sea Food , Desserts , Bakery and Shops , ,

Logo Monginis


Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Wild Burger

Wild Burger


Logo Kebdet El Prince

Kebdet El Prince

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Metro Market

Metro Market

Bakery and Shops , Supermarket

Logo Habayeb El Sayda

Habayeb El Sayda

Sandwiches , Grilled , Home made

Logo Zacks Fried Chicken

Zacks Fried Chicken

Sandwiches , Fried chicken

Logo Abd El Rahim Koueider

Abd El Rahim Koueider


Logo Hadaramaut Maadi

Hadaramaut Maadi

Sandwiches , Grilled , Non Egyptian food , Home made

Logo Garnell Sushi And Poke

Garnell Sushi And Poke

Non Egyptian food , sushi

Logo Hawawshi El Rabie Imbaba

Hawawshi El Rabie Imbaba


Logo Abu Auf

Abu Auf

Desserts , Bakery and Shops

Logo Pizza El Malik

Pizza El Malik


Logo El Hatab El Soury

El Hatab El Soury

Non Egyptian food

Logo Express


Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Desserts

Logo El Falah

El Falah


Logo Akla Baity

Akla Baity

Grilled , Home made

Logo Misr Sweets

Misr Sweets

Desserts , Bakery and Shops , cafe

Logo Exception Pastry

Exception Pastry


Logo Asmak El Sheikh

Asmak El Sheikh

Sandwiches , Sea Food

Logo Spicy Crepe

Spicy Crepe

Sandwiches , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Home made , Fried chicken , , Crepe , ,

Logo Mr Hamed

Mr Hamed

Pizza , Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Asmak wadi el nile

Asmak wadi el nile

Sea Food

Logo ٌRaydan Resturant

ٌRaydan Resturant

Grilled , Desserts , Non Egyptian food

Logo msmte lbrdyse

msmte lbrdyse

Sandwiches , Grilled , Desserts

Logo Fit Food

Fit Food


Logo Elkhalifa


Sandwiches , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Chicken Planet

Chicken Planet

Sandwiches , Fried chicken ,

Logo MAC