All Restaurants & Fast food delivery menus in masr-el-adima

Restaurants masr-el-adima

Logo Shrimp zone

Shrimp zone

Sandwiches , Grilled , Sea Food

Logo Kababgy El Tahtawy

Kababgy El Tahtawy


Logo Hati El Momen

Hati El Momen

Sandwiches , Grilled , Home made , Fried chicken

Logo Dragon chicken

Dragon chicken


Logo Food Secret

Food Secret

Grilled , Home made

Logo Pizza El Fayoumi

Pizza El Fayoumi

Sandwiches , Pizza , Desserts

Logo Akl Hawanem

Akl Hawanem

Sandwiches , Home made

Logo KosharyEl Malem

KosharyEl Malem

Sandwiches , Pizza , Koshari

Logo Mashnkah Helwan

Mashnkah Helwan

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Silver fish

Silver fish

Sandwiches , Sea Food , sushi

Logo Dapoos



Logo Kahraman Integrated Restaurant

Kahraman Integrated Restaurant

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Koshari , Non Egyptian food

Logo Farhat El Hossen

Farhat El Hossen


Logo Etoile Cafe & Restaurant

Etoile Cafe & Restaurant

Pizza , cafe , Juice

Logo Albarka Syrian

Albarka Syrian

Sandwiches , Non Egyptian food

Logo Khalta Baity

Khalta Baity

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Home made



Home made

Logo Shrimp House

Shrimp House

Sandwiches , Sea Food

Logo El balakona

El balakona


Logo Estabena



Logo Monster burger

Monster burger

Fried chicken ,

Logo Keto Rockets

Keto Rockets

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Maka foods

Maka foods

Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , Home made

Logo Darwish


Sea Food

Logo Ahsan nas

Ahsan nas

Sandwiches , Grilled

Logo Gados Chef

Gados Chef

Logo Joujas kitchen

Joujas kitchen

Sandwiches , Pizza , Bakery and Shops , cafe , Home made

Logo El Mohadossin Patisserie

El Mohadossin Patisserie

Bakery and Shops

Logo kai sushi

kai sushi


Logo Meatology


Grilled , Bakery and Shops , Home made

Logo Maxeem Lounge

Maxeem Lounge

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Sea Food , Fool _ Ta3meya , Desserts , Non Egyptian food , Bakery and Shops , cafe , Home made

Logo sushi spot

sushi spot


Logo Kepda w mokh Mohammed elshrqawy

Kepda w mokh Mohammed elshrqawy

Sandwiches , Grilled , Sea Food

Logo Kinz Alameer

Kinz Alameer

Koshari , Desserts , cafe

Logo Beano's Cafe

Beano's Cafe

Sandwiches , cafe

Logo Al shabrawy

Al shabrawy

Sandwiches , Grilled , Pizza , Fool _ Ta3meya

Logo Nuts Kitchen

Nuts Kitchen

Logo Tata way

Tata way


Logo Il valentino di shubra

Il valentino di shubra


Logo Mashmesha Seafood

Mashmesha Seafood